Smart Huhtaware to your organization

Smart Huhtaware is designed for the needs of the logistics industry. The monitoring software collects information on the usage and energy consumption of the equipment and reports on their need for maintenance. The software can be tailored for various monitoring needs, from ports to maintenance organizations and vehicles of the logistic sector.

Optimizing the use of the fleet

Smart Huhtaware collects information related to the usage of equipment and offers real-time reports to support operational planning. The tracking data provides information on the equipment’s mileage, operating hours and, for example, fuel consumption. The information makes it easier to plan the use of equipment and make new investments.

Energy efficiency and sustainable development

Smart Huhtaware can be connected to mobile equipment or fixed objects, such as lighting solutions. The software collects information to obtaining the operating hours and energy consumption of various devices. With the help of the information, it is possible to calculate the target’s carbon footprint and plan the necessary actions to optimize energy efficiency.

Anticipating maintenance rises an efficiency of operations

Ready-to-use and reliable equipment is an important part of ensuring efficiency of ports. The information collected by Smart Huhtaware makes it easier to anticipate and schedule maintenances of vehicles or other equipment. This ensures that the number of emergency maintenances of the fleet is as low as possible, and the performance of critical functions remains stable.

How to activate the Smart Huhtaware

Are you interested? Contact Let’s map together the needs of your company and calculate the costs of implementing the system. The system itself is easy to use and it works in real time on the web platform. Together we map the needs of measurement data for each object individually to ensure the best possible monitoring data for your needs. 

Hermann Andersson has been using Huhtaware’s tracking software for years

With Huhtaware’s monitoring program, the Hermann Andersson monitors the use of its harbor cranes to passenger cars in Oulu harbour. The data helps to predicts the maintenance needs of equipment. Optimizing the use of equipment and monitoring costs together with timely maintained equipment saves time and money.

Huhtaware’s customer Herman Andesson adopted Huhtaware’s tracking system in 2018. With it, the company optimizes the operating time and kilometers of work machines and cars used during work shifts.

“Before the introduction of the system, time was spent working on the monthly manual inspection. Now we can see the operating hours and kilometers of the equipment in real time and we can plan the maintenance without disturbing the productive work”, says Herman Andersson’s maintenance manager Jani Sevander.

At Herman Anderson, Huhtaware’s system provides information on about 50 work machines and 11 cars. It has been essential that the monitoring of several different machine manufacturers can be done using one system. Time is not spent monitoring data from 10 or 20 different systems. All the data is easily available at the same time.

“Some of our machines work 24/7. Thus, the traditional monitoring interval of a month for manual checking is too long for many machines. Now we monitor usage in real time and receive alerts in the system and well in advance by e-mail about future maintenance needs. It would be hard to imagine going back to the old days,” says Jani Sevander. “Also, the cooperation has been very smooth. If there have been any small technical problems along the way, Huhtaware has been taken care of it in no time.”