Your partner to implement future port solutions

The development of the ports of the future is a continuum in which the constantly changing flows of goods, technological solutions and the duties done by people evolve to meet the changes flexibly and efficiently. Huhtaware is actively driving this development forward. We explore, plan, manage and integrate solutions that improve the logistic flow of goods in ports. We do it in collaboration with our customers.

The port of the future is automated

By 2030, the amount of sea freight will double, and an increasingly large part of the goods will be transported in containers. Development requires even more efficient port operations. At the same time, the average size of ships is increasing significantly, and autonomous ships are making an appearance. The cargo flows within the ports are also automated, and the port stevedore’s job turns into control room work. The importance of equipment maintenance is emphasized. The development enhances the personnel’s job descriptions, increases safety, and improves the accuracy of transportation.

Data management in a key role

Global, digital freight transport requires compatible systems for reliable tracking and handling of cargo. Ports chain together, network and create ready-made logistics solutions for customers around the world. The ports of the future will talk digitally with the systems of visiting ships and customers who purchase services. The systems inform, warn, and take care of the flow of things.


Ecological ports

The ports’ own solutions aimed at reducing emissions are an important part of the ongoing green transition. The environmental requirements set for maritime transport also affect land operations. New types of energy solutions, collection obligations and sustainable development operating models need practical solutions to function in daily bases. Huhtaware helps the realization of these goals in planning the introduction of port-specific machines and equipments together with the implementation of projects.

Competitive advantage with customization

Pioneering solutions that improve the port’s loading and unloading efficiency are a way to specialize and serve customers. They invite and bind selected customer groups including shipping companies as customers of the ports. Huhtaware offers continuous development partnership, both for the planning and coordination of large functional changes, as well as for the development and modernization of individual operations or devices. If necessary, we can jointly develop customer-specific solutions or test-drive prototypes in pilot environments.

Integrated information systems // At the core of the future port operations are unified information systems. Based on a collected real-time data, operators in the region control their activities, manage the equipment base and goods flows. Huhtaware coordinates the planning, implementation, and operation of information system. Based on that, the use of information collected by the port for reporting and development purposes will be improved.

Step into the future // Find a link to Huhtaware’s video in Finnish which talks about the automated functions of the ports in the future. Independent transport wagons and cranes take care of collecting, up- and unloading the cargo. The human role is to guide, monitor and maintain the efficient operation of these devices. Link to the video >

Lifting device design

Efficient and safe handling of the material needs a suitable lifting equipment for every shapes and weights. Correctly dimensioned and suitable aid devices can speed up the time spent on moving and, above all, guarantee the safety of personnel and the environment.

Huhtaware’s Smart Infra design team plans and coordinates individual procurement of lifting aids. We map our customer’s transfer needs, the devices in use and design an individual lifting aid based on them. After the engineering plan is completed, we design and coordinate the production of the aid and monitor its quality. This is how we ensure reliable lifting aids for our customers.

Joint lifting bar for Olmar // Huhtaware planned and coordinated the production of a joint lifting bar customized for Olmar. The lifting power of the lifting aid with two mobile cranes is over 200,000 kilograms. The aid itself weighs 9,500 kg.

Your partner behind excellent solutions

We explore, plan, manage and integrate solutions that smooth the flow of goods in ports. In planning, we use the solutions of all technology suppliers, we tender them according to the customer’s needs, and we combine the whole into a correctly dimensioned entity in terms of the port’s functions. If necessary, we design site-specific equipment solutions. We supplement the client’s organization with special expertise in port planning.