Efficient and agile maintenance

Huhtaware takes care of the smooth flow of the customer’s daily activities. We operate as an agile partner whose goal is the efficiency, predictability, and continuous development of port operations. In our work, we use digital tools to collect real-time information, control and develop operations. Huhtaware’s goal is to raise the efficiency, monitoring, and continuous development of the customer’s maintenance to a new level.

Maintenance services // We take care of the condition of the port’s machines and equipment. Our goal is to have processes that work in a planned manner, where emergency situations and unexpected interruptions in operations are avoided by anticipating maintenance and spare parts coordination. This is best achieved by forecasting functions and life cycle planning of devices. However, in the event of an emergency, we act quickly and commit ourselves to an efficient but high-quality solution to the unexpected problem.

Mechanical maintenance // As part of our maintenance services, we can offer machining, welding, and hydraulic work, as well as air conditioning maintenance. These are important for the port’s machine and equipment maintenance, but also part of the services offered to shore-bound ships.

Electrical work and automation // The use and development of a digitalized operating environment requires software expertise and electrical installations. As part of our maintenance services, we can offer electrical and automation services for both installations and maintenance work in the port.

Project work // As part of maintenance services, we collect device- and procedure-specific data. With this, we can offer our customers support for the analysis of port operations, as well as the planning and operation of various projects. Projects can concern maintenance cost calculation, crane maintenance operations or, for example, welding and cargo securing of project ships.

Smart Huhtaware – a solution for real-time information

Real-time work and equipment positioning makes it easy to plan and verify the efficiency and performance costs of different jobs. Huhtaware’s monitoring systems provide the port with tools that improve the transparency of operations and at the same time eliminate a lot of duplicated work.

With the Smart Huhtaware remote management system, the port has, among other things, an automatic logbook, real-time monitoring of the location and maintenance of the fleet, inspection of the route history, assignment-specific fuel consumption, as well as speed, geofence and maintenance alerts. With the help of the collected information, the port can improve the utilization rate of the equipment, optimize maintenance schedules and routes, and predict the costs of project- or function-specific salaries, equipment, their wearing parts and spare parts.