Huhtaware ensures the operations of Aava Shipping’s fleet

Aava Shipping and Huhtaware are two young entrants of the Port of Pori. In growth, the importance of good partner companies is emphasized.

Aava Shipping offers forwarding and stevedoring services in the port of Pori. Huhtaware takes care of Aava Shipping’s equipment. The list of machines includes a material handling machine, which is used to move the products to be loaded onto the ships next to the ship for compaction. “The functionality of the material handling machine during loading is extremely important. Possible problems with delay of loading become expensive for shipping companies. That’s why it’s important to us that our customers can trust the functionality of our equipment, while our partner takes care of the reliable operation of the equipment, and is involved in the collaboration in an agile and solution-oriented way,” says Aava Shipping’s CEO Niilo Peltomäki, and summarizes: “With a good partner like Huhtaware, I have one problem less to solve.”

The cooperation between these two companies describes well the spirit of Pori port. Although numerous companies operate in the port, the goal of all of them is to ensure the efficient movement of goods and the satisfaction of customers who actively use the port. This work is done together, and with a good heart.

Olmar acquired a Vollert to Mäntyluoto with the help of Huhtaware

Olmar made a significant investment by purchasing a Vollert wagon for the port of Mäntyluoto. It mainly takes care of the transfer transport of Boliden’s warehouse for ore concentrates. The investment enables lower fuel consumption and lower CO2 emissions. The acquisition is an important step in the development of the port of the future, because thanks to it, an even more environmentally friendly way of moving heavy wagons will be achieved in Pori.

Huhtaware was involved in the acquisition as Olmar’s technical partner. Our team worked closely with Olmar on the procurement of the Vollert robot locomotive. We designed a solution that fits the requirements, competed with suppliers and took care of the device’s commissioning. In the future, Huhtaware will be responsible for the maintenance of the trolley.

The well functioning Pori Port is also Huhtaware’s business

A functioning port is the result of cooperation between several parties of each harbour. It is easy for operators, shipping companies and other logistics companies to operate within the up-to-date framework provided by the port company. Huhtaware is the maintenance partner of the port of Pori and thus an important part of the ecosystem of the harbour. We asked the port’s technical manager, Henrik Räisänen, about his thoughts on cooperation.

“The collaboration with Huhtaware started at the beginning of 2022. They are a service-oriented partner with good technical knowledge of port technology. Collaboration of the resources of our own maintenance team and Huhtaware has worked excellently. Communication is good and continuous. It’s great to work together with the team that you can trust to adapt and find a solution to the questions that come up,” states Räisänen and continues:

“Port maintenance is strongly seasonal and summer-focused. The flexibility to increase and transfer resources to current tasks at any given time is important. Huhtaware has nimbly been able to respond to all the needs that have come up over the period of more than a year. For example, we have been able to utilize Huhtaware’s experts not only in maintenance but also in conveyor times, which has contributed to improving the flexibility of our own operations. I believe that the cooperation will continue as agile in the future as well.”