We plan and maintain the ports of the future

Huhtaware is a company specializing in services to support the port logistics functions and solution planning. We deliver the functions that guarantee the ability to develop and scale operations of today and prepare in the challenges of the future. Our service unit is responsible for the efficient maintenance and other support functions of ports. The planning unit, focused on future port solutions, supports the planning of port solution investments and the implementation of related projects. Digitization and the utilization of real-time information play an important role in the operations of both of Huhtaware’s business units.

The service unit takes care of efficient daily tasks

Our service unit is responsible for the maintenance of port facilities. In cooperation with Huhtaware, the port’s daily operation and task planning take place reliably. We maintain machines, cranes, port infrastructure and repair damages caused by ships’ cargo handling. With the help of our software solutions, we get real-time analysis of the effectiveness of operations and report it to our customer. The solution produces data to support daily work, risk management and investment planning. Alongside all this, the customer also receives the drawings of the lifting aids.

Smart Infra planning behind future solutions

Our Smart Infra planning unit scan the current state of port operations, elaborates and plans solutions for the holistic logistic infrastructure or individual operations. The unit is also responsible for the management, consulting, implementation, and further development of modernization projects according to the needs of each customer. Experience of decades in the logistics industry guarantees our customers industry excellence for the execution of investment projects.

As a technology-independent operator, we design solutions that support the pacific requirement by combining the best practices in the industry with port-specific features.

Huhtaware’s operations are guided by strong values

Huhtaware supports the fulfillment of requirements related to the operation of ports. For our part, we want to be an actor that supports the cooperation and efficiency of port areas. To achieve this goal, our operations are guided by the following values:

Agility // We react quickly. We know how to optimize our resources according to different assignments and customer needs. We develop our own processes and those of our customers in an agile manner.

Collaboration // We unite all operators of the port to develop common activities in a sustainable way. We communicate openly, but confidentially. Together, we operate with high quality, we guarantee a safe and functional work environment.

Pioneering // People of Huhtaware have a strong desire to see things done better. We proactively research new technologies and methods of operation. We apply innovations that have been tested elsewhere and implement those to our own operations.

Sustainable development is part of all Huhtaware’s operations

The starting point of all Huhtaware’s operations is responsible and set as low as possible environmental stress. We map the environmental effects of our operations and in each project, we undertake in advance and minimize the burden caused by the action during implementation. At the same time when we run our own sustainability, we are responsible for the implementation of our customers’ environmental requirements in practice.

We are recruiting new workers to the Port of Pori // Agility, collaboration and pioneering are emphasized values in our operations. We are looking for people who want to do things with good energy for customers, and generate the new development for themself and for employer.